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Bracket Installation

How to install GERMID rear view mirror

It requires the user to remove the genuine rear view mirror before install the one from iMirror.

  • i1.jpg
    The genuine rear view mirror.

  • i2.jpg
    Different car, different holder. You need install the perfectly right one to fit the correct holder in the windshield.

  • i3.jpg
    Installation finished

  • i4.jpg
    Installation finished

Different car brands come with different brackets, depending on the car maker. It’s easy to re-install the rear view mirror for most cars, and it’s advisable that you can turn to local auto after-sell stores or professional distributors of auto windshield when dealing with the complex installation. Those professional technicians can replace the rear view mirror easily.  

The bracket system from GERMID rear view mirror

It covers 90% car brand for the replaceable bracket system from GERMID rear view mirror, and applies for various patents as well all over the world.

Parking Sensor Mirror

The first way to replace bracket:


The second way to replace bracket: