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Camera Installation

Regardless of day or night, the image around the car can be transmitted clearly to rearview mirror by reversing camera, to ensure the driver can reverse the car safely.(Note: please do not rely entirely on reversing rear view system, it's just a reversing supplementary system.)


How to install car camera

For most of cars the method of connecting wire is same(Remark:except the special cars), but because of the complex process, we suggest that you'd better to ask the professional operator for help because they are more professional,so it would be easier for them and take less time.


  • Step 1:  Then try to find out ACC and BAT fuse carefully from car

    Open the fuse box, and detect the BAT with a test pencil before start up car, and then start up car to detect ACC and make sure it safety.
  • Step 2 :  Arrange the wiring and pass
    it through fuse box

    Connect the wiring harness to fuse box and pass it through door trim, pls adjust the distance of wire to make sure it could be connect with rearview mirror and not surplus. All the wiring shall be covered in door trim.
  • Step 3 : camera wiring layout

    Leave enough distance from the power cable which with plug to camera,  the remaining  part will be started to stuff inside the ceiling gap. Turn left to “Left A Column” always, then turn up to “Left A Column” (turn over left tap of the  “Left A Column” and stuff into, Space is big)
  • Step 4: camera wiring diagram

    Connect the power cable of camera with the power cable of rear reversing light, then connect  the video cable of camera with extended cable of video, connect the other part of video extension cable with input port of car rear view mirror of Germid. finally, restore storage battery power up, start up vehicle, hang up the reverse gear, can see the reversing image on the screen of car rear view mirror.
  • Step 5 : camera installation
    position- license plate light

    Way 1: the camera’s cable pass through the license plate gap to go inside the car, connect with power-supply of the reversing light. Fix camera to the location of the  license plate light,  to make the camera reach the best optimal reversing perspective. And the appearance is more hidden, installation is more simple.
  • Step 5 : drilling hole and put the
    camera inside the bumper

    Way 2: Because the bumper is plastic, it’s relatively easy to off line for cameras. Stuff inside the bumper, and keep balance with rear surface of car, which won’t affect the appearance of original car.

Step 6: actual installation effect in different cars

For different cars have different location of installing cameras. There are two ways of installation for your selection.Total more than 200 different kinds of special car cameras for your choice. Please contact us if you need any cameras.