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Ultra High Brightness Mirror Style Monitor

Rearview mirror monitor with backup camera display, auto dimming, parking sensor, compass,temperature, etc. When you engage the reverse gear, the rear-view monitor will automatically display.


● AK3-043LA is offered as standard equipment to a Mexico auto manufacturer.

● AK043LA is offered as standard equipment to a Japanese auto manufacturer.


4mm Glass

It is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strengh, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. Its good performance has been widely recognized  in the world.


OEM genuine brackets

We adopted the 21mm aluminum alloy tube, which is of small density and high strength. Double ball joints are designed to make the mirror adjustable in widest angle, thus you can view the rear image conveniently.


Safer Materials

The rearview mirror uses friendly environmental, safe and fire-retardant materials; it can guarantee that it will not be burned in the fire, nor will it aggravate the combustion range. We use fire-retardant materials, which is a security guarantee for society, environment and users.

Combustion Contrast Test


Backup Camera Display

When the car is in reverse, the monitor will automatically display back up camera image.


Automatic Brightness Adjustment

The brightness of screen varies with ambient light. When ambient light is low, the screen will automatically reduce the brightness. When ambient light is bright, the screen will automatically increase the brightness.



Please drive two circles counterclockwise. For better calibration, keep your circle at over five-meter radius and the driving speed should be less than 10km/h.



Locate the temperature sensor between the front of the radiator and the front bumper. Locate edge of sheet metal or plastic shield, and slide metal clip over edge until secure.



behind your vehicle shines on your vehicle. Meanwhile, the inside rearview mirror reflects the hi-beam toward the driver's eyes, which may cause accidents. So the rearview mirror with EC auto-dimming function will provide the driver with a safer and more comfortable environment during driving at night.


Screen Size(option)

The scree size of the rear-view mirror can be customized according to your requirements. At present, GERMID suppliers 4.3inch, 5inch and 7.2inch rear view mirror. Should you have any special requiremets, please contact us.


Replaceable Bracket

GERMID brackets can be seamlessly integrated with most vehicles on the market, which is complied  with laws and regulations and safety standards of car factories.


PS: After placing the order, please tell me your specific car model and send the pictures of your original mirror bracket, then I can choose the most suitable bracket for you.Othervise, I have to ship the mirror with our universal bracket, which is our 32# bracket and its matching windshield base.





Screen Brightness1300CD/m

Display TypeTFT-LCD

Screen Size4.3 inch

Compatiable SystemsPAL/Auto/NSTC


Working Voltage12V DC

Working humidity range45%~80% RH

Storage humidity range30%~ 90% RH

Operating temperature-20℃~80℃

Atmospheric pressure86KPa to 106 KPa

Packing List


Wire harness

User manual

Wire cover

Remote control

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