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Ambarella A12 Super Night Vision Black Box Mirror Monitor

  • ● Parking mode

  • ● Touch screen button

  • ● Super night vision

  • ● Backup camera display


Ambarella A12 Solution

This full HD DVR mirror monitor adopts Ambarella A12 solution with HD recording, integrating car rear view mirror and DVR recorder perfectly.


Professional Lens

Lens is made of six precise all-glass with durability and high temperature resistance. It’s more effective to capture clear and sharp images. It is made with a f 1.8 lens large aperture, which increases the amount of light in maximum range. You can be more confident in night shooting. The pictures it takes can excited you in any environment.


Touch Screen Button

This device support touch screen button, can make the operation more fluent and more accurate.


Parking Mode

A guardian of your vehicle. Keep monitoring the front of your car while you are away from your car. This DVR will turn off flashing light, and it will look like it have been shut down. While it is still keep recording the front.



Germid rear view mirror adopt premium ultra-high brightness LCD screen and ultra-high reflectivity glass to ensure your safe driving.


Save the Final Video

Video preservation ability, adopt super capacitor to save the final video. Breaking the power cord also can save the final video. After broke the power supply, will continue to supply to 2 to 5 seconds. what we need most is the video of these seconds.


Electromagnetic Interference

Our rearview mirror using the hi-quality component and  blind via board which is very rare technology for the ordinary DVR. Therefore the electromagnetic radiation of our product is fully approved for the EU, CHINA, USA ,etc. Successfully make it clean and no radiation and interference.


Wide Dynamic

1080P HDR with high resolution. HDR is an extremely useful feature that can provide 60fps with the odd frames at a short exposure time and the even frames at a longer exposure time, then reproduce a greater dynamic range and luminosity in the captured video sequence.


Rapid Heat Dissipation

The area of the metal radiator is increased, and the use of high-cost components allows the heat dissipation performance of the recorder to reach a better state, which greatly improves the stability and service life of the equipment.


Backup Camera Display

When the car is in reverse, the monitor will automatically display back up camera image.


Combinational Design of Two-ball Bracket

We developed a variety of correspondingly adapter models to fit for global  various vehicle ,  which is easy to be replaced and installed.

About the bracket, please click here



MPUAmbarella A12


Video resolution1920×1080 30P, HDR1920×1080 30P


Display4.3 inch 16:9   TFT Displa

MemorySD card (MAX 64GB)


AudioBuilt in microphone and speaker

Operating temperature-20℃~80℃

LanguageSimplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Thai and other foreign languages

Packing List

Full HD DVR rear view mirror

SD card (option)

Wire harness

User manual

Wire cover

Remote control

GPS antenna (option)

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