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Company Culture

• Brand Connotation

Founded in 2007, our company focuses on safe car rearview mirrors. We enjoy high reputation all over the world for our full-featured rear view mirror.


  • • Our Core

    We treat employees, customers and suppliers with sincerity and honesty and respect everyone's efforts on work. Under divine guidance, we unite as one to face the difficulty of reality. We toast for the achievement of each new rearview mirror project while we also engage in self-criticism for any fault. It is contented and happy for our employees, suppliers and  customers to give a safe and pleasant driving experience to drivers.

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  • • Our Responsibilities

    The trust of customers is fully cherished by GERMID. We serve customers with our full heart and soul. When supplying high-quality, advanced rearview mirror with competitive price, we also pay much attention on customer service. Because we know that service and quality are both important for customers. Customers will be absolutely satisfied when they get good product and service.

Corporate Value

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