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Company Rules

Corporate Compliance Policy forms the basis

Germid fuehlt sich verpflichtet durch Qualitaetsprodukte, die die Sicherheitsbestimmumgen und die Patentansprueche erfuellen, in der Automobile- und der Elektronischen Industrie erfolgreich zu sein. Desweiteren setzen wir neue Technologien ein und sind faire Verhandlungspartner fuer unsere Kunden und Lieferanten. Die Corporate Compliance ist die Basis fuer unsere Geschaeftstaetigkeit.


Germid respects applicable law, including auto industry regulations and  international law, and requires its employees and business partners to do likewise. This program lists some of the main points that are of particular practical relevance.

  1. 1.Provide truly useful for driving safety products --- eliminating products that deceive consumers

  2. 2.Fair and respectful working conditions--- prohibiting discrimination

  3. 3.Proper record-keeping and transparent financial reporting

  4. 4.Protecting our intellectual property rights and respecting those of others

  5. 5.Keeping corporate and personal interests separate

  6. 6.Principle of sustainability

  7. 7.Integrity in business dealings

  8. 8.Upholding foreign trade laws

  9. 9.Preserving equal opportunity in securities trading


  1. 1.The company carries out professional ethics education for employees to set up correct life values.

  2. 2.Corporate Auditing will review the effectiveness of the Corporate Compliance Policy at regular intervals.

  3. 3.General managers of holding company, sub group and service company, whose responsibilities include providing advice and training on compliance issues and investigating any alleged compliance violations.

  4. 4.All employees are required to immediately report any violations of the Corporate Compliance Policy.

  5. 5.All employees shall monitor each other, regardless of level, to ensure the compliance with the company's rules and regulations and the requirements of this specification.