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Quality Control

Germid have been making effort to build an empire which base on rear view electric mirror ,while we also developing other automobile security relative parts. Our target is become the most out-standing supplier that not only focus on the aftermarket installed products in our country , but the factory-installed product oversea. Our company start as foreign trader of aftermarket installed products, and lately we are marching into the factory-installed market step by step. In 2012, we pass the TS16949:2009. In 2015 we start the OEM project. Right now Germid got so many break through in oversea OEM project. Germid will take this opportunity, keep growing our strength , keep expanding our market, keep developing our ability of rear view mirror supply support and popularizing automobile security relative parts.

• Core Values

GERMID is customer-oriented and devoted to providing high quality rearview mirrors and other automotive safety products to meet customers’ needs. In 2012, our company has passed ISO/TS16949: 2009 automotive industry quality management system certification. We strictly follow the IATF16949: 2016 automotive quality management system standards to carry out our day-to-day quality management, products certified by DOT, E-mark, RoHS, CCC and other international and domestic certification.


• Quality Control

We take product quality as our core business philosophy, to establish a consumer-oriented quality management and inspection system, get consumers involved at each stage that product development, product production, product testing and product use, integrated into quality management, quality inspection of each link, based on security and innovation, for enterprises to good quality. At the same time, electronic rearview mirror is not only a recreational product, but it's more of a safe product. Only based on safety , products and enterprises can be with long-term stability. In addition to safety, we also focus on innovation. Every product designed at the beginning, we will apply for a patent at home and abroad first, because we know that safety allows enterprises to go further, innovation can make enterprises stand higher. Our team is with around 100 persons, but the number of our patent has been at the top three of the electronic rearview mirror industry.


• Test Equipment Chart

Each product before mass production, we will carry out as many as 60 tests on it, involving all aspects of construction, materials, electronic magnetic, optical and other products related to reliability and safety, striving to resolve the risks in the factory. In addition to meeting all the domestic industry standards and national standards for rearview mirrors, we have added additional 30 more tests. Industry standards and national standards can only meet the basic requirements, Industry standards and national standards can only meet the basic requirements, but we seek to provide customers with higher than they expect the product, leading quality products of the industry. So even if the additional test increases our cost, we never hestitate to do that. GERMID Group has been adhering to philosophy that is to provide consumers with high-quality and safer products, to create a safe, convenient and comfortable driving experience for people!


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